Zwol Video: The Mad Sausage

Zwol Video: The Mad Sausage

Director Louis van Zwol have made this affective and creative PSA lately.

The video raises our awareness about vegetarianism: even if some are not compassionate for animals, they at least should take care of themselves. Eating meat is not healthy, according to the creatives, since the animals are growing in a very unfriendly and unsanitary environment. The director was inspired to make this short video after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals”.

Watch the spot and share your opinion about it with us.


Concept, Script and Directed by: Louis van Zwol
Copywriters: Nick Schonfeld, Louis van Zwol
Production company: | Erika Vocking Productions
Executive producer: Erika Vocking
Director of Photography: NSC Steve Walker
First A.D.: Boris Apituley
Camera-assistent: Laurens Meulenberg
Gaffer: Joost Meeuwig
Light assistent: Alexander Hokke
Styling: Pythia Tarenskeen
Make-up: Phoebe Guttmann
Production assistent: Ruben van Steijn
Modelmaker: Lucas van Doorn
Editors: Kevin Whelan, Jelmar Hoekstra
3D character animation: Alex Doss
Compositing: Tek-Yan Wong, Win Chung Lam, Allard Zoetman, Otto Salomé
3D tracking: Jos Wabeke
Visual effects: Michiel Krop
Character design and Storyboard: Menno Wittebrood
Music & Sound composer: Geert van Galen
Sound design: Robin Schlosser
Web development by the Keplar Agency
Influential Marketing: Rocco Stallyord |

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