Zoobiker Prints: Pure Awesomeness

Zoobiker Prints: Pure Awesomeness

Zoobiker and advertising agency Bumbo Criativo from Belo Horizonte have published these two hilarious and cute prints.

Black and white pictures present how Zoobiker has managed to maintain the business for two hundred years. People are always fond to have some fun. No matter what era they are living in. Pictures are supplemented with two witty titles:

Two hundred years of scratched knees, broken bones & pure awesomeness; Two hundred years giving woman a reason to show their legs.

See the images below and have a good laugh.




Agency: Bumbo Criativo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcos Pina
Art Director: Francisco Valle
Copywriter: Adriano Docconi
Photographer: Stock Image
Retouch: Francisco Valle

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