Zonajobs Commercial: Grandma

Zonajobs Commercial: Grandma

Zonajobs – the job search site and DraftFCB Buenos Aires launched this hilarious video commercial entitled “Grandma”.

The advertisement features Grandma who is lying in her death bed and later is buried. Surprisingly, as in some kind of a zombie movie, she rises from the grave: we can see her hand emerging from the ground. And later she would face numerous ridiculous deadly accidents. For instance, she gets shot during the bank robbery or gets killed during the terrorist car bombing. The idea is to let the relatives rest in peace and find a job for their children.

Watch this funny ad and tell your opinion about it.


Agency: DraftFCB Buenos Aires
Client: ZonaJobs
Director: Federico Cueva
Director: Martin Hodara
ECD: Javier Campopiano
CD: Tony Waissmann
CD: Lulo Calio
Production Manager: Gabriel Lancioni
AD: Javier Agena Goya
CW: Lucas Bongioanni
Production Company: Palermo Films
Producer: Damian Cosentino
EP: Pablo Terruzi
Director: Federico Cueva
Postproduction: Jose Becker
Postproduction: Postmedia
Director of Photography: Julian Ledezma
Assistant to Director: Tomas Coste
Sound: No Problem
Artist: Harry James & Hellen Forrest

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