Young Lions Finland Video: Punchline

Young Lions Finland Video: Punchline

Young Lions Finland 2014 and director Anssi Määttä have released this hilarious video spot.

The commercial invites to compete in the competition and submit your work. Young advertising creatives are challenged to come up with the new, original ideas. The video shows how old ideas don’t work. A bad creative is like that annoying guy, who tries to pick up ladies in a bar and couldn’t be less successful. And more funny!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Creatives: Antti Tuominen, Tuukka Paikkari
Director: Anssi Määttä
Producer: Anna Nuru
DOP: Mikael Gustafsson
Gaffer: Kentsu
Elect. Mikko Lehtonen
Sound: Jukka Nurmela
Make up: Aino Heiniö
Sound design and music: Lassi Vierimaa
Colorist: Petri Falkenberg

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