Xifaxan/Salix Print Ads: Out of the Woods

Xifaxan/Salix Print Ads: Out of the Woods

Xifaxan/Salix and New York’s creative agency Cline Davis and Mann has rolled out a beautifully made print advertisement campaign.

The ads promote the medicine for a hepatic encephalopathy. It shows the occurrence of confusion, altered level of consciousness and coma. The advertisements’ tile says: Out of the hospital does not mean out of the woods. And the idea beautifully reflected in the images.

See the prints below.




Advertising Agency: Cline Davis and Mann, New York, NY USA
Group Creative Director: Peter Jesse
Creative Director: Debra Polkes
Photographer: Garrigosa Studio
Postproduction / CGI: Garrigosa Studio
Published: May 2012

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