WWF Earth Hour Commercial

WWF Earth Hour Commercial

WWF has launched a new funny commercial for the Earth hour. They ask people to turn their lights off for one hour. The commercial shows a famous character Dart Vader telling a story about his life and his image problems because people think that he is a bad person. But during the Earth hour some darkness can help saving the planet. So he invites people to join him in the dark side at least for one hour.

Advertising Agency: Germaine, Belgium
Account: Christina Lemahieu
Creative Director: Dirk Domen
Creatives: Jef Boes & Pieter Claeys
Photographer: Evert Thiry
Retouching: Chester @ The Livingroom
Director: Joost Wynant
Production Company: Pimpz.be
Producer: Hans Buyse
Production Leader: Sam Verhaert
Post production: Karel Vandezande
Website: Gonzales.be

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  1. Socket Set · at 1:05 PM

    we always join the Earth Hour because it is one of the ways that you can show your support on the environment _

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