WWF Commercial: We Are All Connected

WWF Commercial: We Are All Connected

WWF and Ogilvy & Mather Mexico came up with a commercial “We Are All Connected” as part of a campaign “One Minute of Responsibility”.

The fabulous video is kind of a slow motion cartoon where figures of animals, birds, kites and humans are made form the ropes which also are connected between each individual figure. A magnificent idea yet very simple.

According to the official site, “The idea was to make people understand that we are all connected on the planet. The earth, the trees, the animals and the 6 billion human beings living on it. We are all responsible and any disruption in the thin line that connects us all will create a disaster for everyone and everything in the fragile ecosystem”.

Watch this beautiful and warm video yourself.


Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
Executive Creative Director: José Montalvo
Creative Director: Fernando Carrera, Victor Alvarado
Director: Mato Atom
Production Company Producer: James Hagger
Agency Producer: Juan Pablo Osio Post
Production: David Danesi, Peggy Tavenne,
Digital District Colorization: Nicolas Belin
Special Effects / VFX: Amandine Moulinet, Seif Boutella, Thomas Marqué
Animation: Romuald Caudroit Modeler: Kevin Monthureux, Jimmy Cavé
Music: Human

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