Windows 7 and Dell Commercial: Simply Perfect

Windows 7 and Dell Commercial: Simply Perfect

Commercial of the Dell and Microsoft partnership, offering the new operating system Windows 7 to their customers.

Why would you choose Dell when looking for a new PC with Windows 7? With Dell, you have the convenience of factory installation of Windows 7 and Windows LiveTM Essentials plus the personalization and design of Dell’s PCs.

  • Design: Dell’s Engineering team tested Windows 7 to help ensure that the customer can experience fast boot times and great battery life.
  • Personalization: Dell can match the wallpaper and window theme color to the lid color. (Excludes Design Studio and artist series designs.)

Check below the new commercial of Dell and Microsoft this partnership, where Windows is presented as a growing tree, growing alongside a Dell vine with colorful flowers. The music in the background is the song “Archer” by Suzanna Choffel.

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  1. Larry Martin at 8:07 PM

    Windows 7 has so many wonderful features, so many options, so many user personal personalizations, and…they all work perfectly, it gives the user the “feeling” that it is truly a slave to the user and NOT the other way around. And, most importantly, it FEELS good to use it…it is friendly, fast, and lets the user control what is going on and how to personalize what is going on…even to what is visible, how the screen is to work, and what are the normal default software items. It can’t be overemphasized…the user interface is just wonderful..the user is now BACK IN CONTROL! Microsoft clearly went “over the top” on this O/S. Apple look out!

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