Whiskas Prints: Work it Kitty!

Whiskas Prints: Work it Kitty!

Whiskas and advertising agency DDB from Chicago have released this funny prints campaign.

The images feature cats, who are working out! Usually these enigmatic creatures are lonely explorers, who walk around whenever they want, wherever they want. However, Whiskas healthy cat treats Temptations makes them try and work for it.

The title says: Work it Kitty! Help your cat lead a healthy lifestyle.

See the adorable prints below and have a good laugh.

bosu ball


speed ball

swiss ball



Agency: DDB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Ewan Paterson
Executive Creative Director: Mark Gross
Creative Director: Matt Collier
Creative Director: Wayne Robinson
Art Producer: Karen Blatchford
Designer: Cody Petruk
Print Producer: Erica Bletsch
Photographer: Ross Feighery

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