Wheat Thins Commercial: Stewie and Brian

Wheat Thins Commercial: Stewie and Brian

Wheat Thins and advertising agency Being from New York have made, or better saying, lent this video from a Family Guy show.

The famous episode features Stewie and Brian. Stewie annoys Brian with his pronunciation. The way he pronounces „Wheat Thins“ makes Brian get ridiculously angry. The argument between the two is hilarious. And the ending is even more funny: Stewie’s dad Peter asks if he could also be in a commercial. Guess, what kind of answer he gets!

Watch this video, that will definitely make you smile.


Client: Wheat Thins
Title: “WHheat Thins – Family Guy”
Agency: Being, New York
Creative Directors: Lisa Topol and Samira Ansari
Art Directors: Mitchell Ratchik, Jelani Curtis
Copywriters: William Burks Spencer, Christopher Stephens
Executive Producer: David Fisher
Producer: Dwight Clifford
Business Affairs Director: Samantha Norvin
Sr Talent Manager: Brian Enright
Group Account Director: Caroline Winterton
Account Director: Kim Tice
Account Manager: Catherine Sweeny
Project Manager: Tanya Woods

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