Wheat Thins Commercial: Air Chase

Wheat Thins Commercial: Air Chase

Wheat Thins and advertising agency Being from New York have released this funny video recently.

The spot promotes the brand’s new Popped Wheat Thins. A guy in a hot air balloon indulges the snack, while police is trying to stop him. The officers are asking the guy to share Wheat Thins and give them at least a bite. However, the guy refuses and the aerial chase begins. Apparently, the crunchy snack is dangerously addictive!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Being New York
Client: Wheat Thins
ECD: Matt Ian
CD: Samira Ansari
CD: Lisa Topol
CW: Jerome Marucci
Art Director: Steve McElligott
EP: Jason Souter
Prod. Co.: Dummy
EP: Eric Liney

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