Wells Fargo Commercial: The Stagecoach & the Snowmen

Wells Fargo Commercial: The Stagecoach & the Snowmen

Wells Fargo and advertising agency DDB have released this beautiful video spot recently.

The commercial features a carriage, pulled by six horses through the snowy roads, surrounded with amazing nature. As they stop to rest, a bunch of friendly snowmen share the carrots with the horses! And when the carriage arrives at its final destination, the kids in town are happy to discover the content it has brought them.

Watch the video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: DDB, USA
Executive Creative Director: Will Hammond
Art Director: Jared Creason
Copywriter: Leslie Danger Bea
Executive Producer: Vanessa MacAdam
Managing Partner: Terry Martin
Account Director: Zenaida Torres
Chief Strategy Officer: Craig Kleber
Director/DP: Klaus Obermeyer
Executive Producers: Lance O’Connor, Sara Eolin, Unique Hammond
Line Producer: Craig Repass
Production Designer: Greg Blair
Editor: Bob Jenkis
Producer: Patrick Knight
VFX Director: Sam O’Hare / Aero Studios
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Phil Brennan
Lead CG: Jesse Holmes
Lead Compositors: Erik Rasmussen, Chris Green, Thomas Cheng
Producer: Jennifer Hargreaves
Composer: Greg Chun / Hum Music and Sound Design
Sound Designer: Dan Hart
Creative Director: Scott Glenn
Exec Producer: Debbi Landon
Mixer: Jeff Payne / Eleven Studios
Director: Peter Gulla
Executive Producer: Frank Escalona
Head of Production: Lauri Fetch

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  1. rose vallimont at 6:44 PM

    LOVE this ad. Great start to the holiday season. You achieved your goal of a magical holiday. Thank you, Wells Fargo

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