Weetabix Commercial: Steeplechase

Weetabix Commercial: Steeplechase

A new tv ad for Weetabix cereal came out. This commercial features a situation when a jockey falls off his horse but doesn‘t give up. He runs the track himself, overtakes all the horses and wins the race. There are no hidden thoughts or symbols, just a simple and understandable to all message: eat Weetabix and you will have more energy than a horse.

Agency: WCRS
Creatives: Larry Seftel, Dave Day
Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Producer: Sally Humphries
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
DP: Jess Hall
Editing Company: Work Post
Editor: Rich Orrick
Post Production: The Mill
Producer: Gemma Smith
Colourist: Mick Vincent
Lead 3D: James Sindle
Lead 2D: Barnsley
Shoot Supervisor: Barnsley
Flame Assist: Adam Lambert, Zoe Cassey
Lead 3D: James Sindle
3D: Teemu Eramaa, Ivor Griffin

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  1. Theo Shaw at 8:33 AM

    Adam Lambert should have been the winner of American Idol, such a great talent ‘

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