Washington Lottery Commercial: Motorcycle

Washington Lottery Commercial: Motorcycle

Washington Lottery and advertising agency Cole & Weber have rolled out this hilarious commercial entitled „Motorcycle“.

Probably everyone has been taken away by the „What if I won the lottery?“ dream. Even if for a moment. Well, the creatives made a video out of this fantasy. The ad features a bunch of bikers, heading out of the bar. They look cool while walking in slow-motion along to the Black Angels’ „Young Men Dead“ song. Finally they sit on an amazing five seat motorcycle and hit the road.

Watch the funny ad and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Maxham
Associate Creative Director: Todd Derksen
Senior Copywriter: Jesse Dillow
Art Director: Nick Bruskewitz
Junior Copywriter: Jessica Urgo
Executive Producer: Pete Anderson
Integrated Producers: Tasha Cronin, Aylin Koker
Account Management: Nick Hunt, Brea Stevens, Meghan Ragsdale
Project Manager: Karly Orr
Digital Production: 14 Four
Production Company: World Famous
Director: Tony Fulgham
Executive Producers / Managing Producers: Megan Lingafelter Ball, Nick Hegge
Editor: Chris Ophoven
Sound Design: Clatter & Din
Sound Designer: Sam Gray

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