Vorwerk Commercial: Dust Cat

Vorwerk Commercial: Dust Cat

Vorwerk Folletto VR100 and advertising agency Enfants Terribles/Ebolaindustries from Milan have released this hilarious video ad.

In Italy dust bunnies are called dust cats. Therefore the creatives pulled off this video, that features a cute, but very dusty cat. However, its life at home comes to an end after Vorwerk has showed up.

The voice in the end says: Dust builds up and waits for you at home. Defeat dust cats with Folletto VR 100.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Enfants Terribles/Ebolaindustries, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Mizio Ratti, Riccardo Quartesan
Art Director: Mariachiara Tirinzoni
Copywriter: Chiara Lazzaroni
Strategic Planner: Valerio Franco
Project Manager: Beatrice Mantero
Production Company: Enormous Film
Director: Max Rocchetti
Executive Producer: Chiara Zoppelli
Producer: Claudia Amendola
Post-production: Edi Effetti Digitali
Vfx Supervisor: Francesco Pepe.
Vfx Supervisor And Composer: Roberta Longo
Cg Supervisor: Mauro Moretti
Animator And Composer: Chiara Feriani
Animator: Jacopo Palermo
Lead Creature Model: Fabio D’Amico
Sound Production: Screenplay
Music Composer: Gianfranco Clerici, Nicolo’ Fragile

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