Volvo XC60 Ambient Ad Campaign

Volvo Norway sponsors Norway’s premier Alpine resorts. They are constantly looking for new and fresh ways of communicating their sponsorship of the hottest alpine ski destinations in Norway.

The brief

Demonstrate the cool, vibrant Volvo XC60 in a way that is effectful, powerful, relevant and totally surprising.

The Idea

Ski boots were redecorated and turned into the car itself. Watching skiers in Volvo boots jump around and race in the snow, yet powerful product-demonstration.
The media are the very same slopes that Volvo sponsors.

Volvo XC60: Ski Boots

Volvo XC60: Ski Boots

Released: May 2009
Advertiser: VOLVO
Brand name: Volvo XC60
Agency: TBWAOslo
Country: Norway


Advertising Agency: TBWAOSLO, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Erik Heisholt
Art Director: Eva Grefstad Knudsen
Copywriter: Erik Heisholt
Additional credits: Benjamin Aker, Hedvig Tollefsen, Kjetil Væhle

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