Volkswagen Viral Campaign: The Fun Theory

Volkswagen Viral Campaign: The Fun Theory

Volkswagen found the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. The answer is fun. People will always rather do something that’s fun than what’s not. This simple principle was used in Volkswagen’s new campaign called “The Fun Theory”. They took three basic activities and made them fun to do and captured it on video.

To make people use stairs instead of escalator, the staircase was turned into real-life piano which was making sound whenever somebody stepped on it. The result was that people used the stairs 66% more than they did before.

Another experiment was making the recycling of glass bottles a fun thing to do. They turned the recycling container into an arcade game.

The experiment where speakers were put in a simple trash can had the same result as the other two experiments. When somebody threw their trash into the trash can, speakers created an impression that the can was a well and the trash was falling a long way until they hit the bottom of it. This caused people to throw their trash more often to the trash can instead of throwing them on the ground.

The interesting part is that in the videos you can’t see any hints that this is a Volkswagen commercial, except that in the very end of each video a Volkswagen logo is shown.

Agency: DDB, Stockholm
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren
Art Director: Simon Higby
Web Director: Simon Mogren
Web Producer: Pontus Kindblad/Daniel Alinder
Web Designer: Karl-Johan Vogelius
Production Company: Birth, Stockholm

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