Volkswagen Print: Sleep

Volkswagen Print: Sleep

Volkswagen and advertising agency ACW Grey Tel-Aviv have made this cute print ad recently.

The brand always pulls off some great ads, whether they are videos or prints. Remember the genuine parts? This time VW promotes the installed system, which will not allow you to fall asleep while driving.

The title says:
Volkswagen Fatique Detection System. Won’t let you fall asleep.

See the print below and tell us if you like it.



Agency: ACW Grey Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative director: Idan Regev
Client manager: Dani Brande
Art: Karin Gross
Copy: Kobi Cohen
Supervisor: Sarit Sternhell
Account manager: Rona Bezalel
Production Manager: Meital Tzoref
Producer: Racheli Zatlawi
Photographer: Shlomi Arviv
Sculpture and illustration: Aviv Cohen and Rotem Yirakzi
Photoshop: Yaron Itzhakov, Robert Mizikovski
Special projects: Yael Hermesh

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