Volkswagen Golf Commercial: BlueMotion

DDB London promote the fuel efficient BlueMotion Technology from Volkswagen. Volkswagen shows the human side of their fuel efficient BlueMotion technology, which in this case means longer between fill ups.

Longer between fill ups. Golf BlueMotion.

BlueMotion save your fuel in lots of ways. A Star/Stop system turn your engine off when not needed, regenerative breaking stores energy when you brake and longer gear ratios increase economy. All together they mean fewer visits to the petrol station and an impressive 107g/km CO2.

Volkswagen Golf Commercial: BlueMotion

Volkswagen Golf Commercial: BlueMotion

Published: September 2009
Client: Volkswagen
Brand name: Volkswagen Golf
Agency: DDB London
Country: United Kingdom

Agency: DDB London
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Rob Messeter
Copywriter: Mike Crowe
Photographer: David Harriman

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