Volkswagen Commercials: Princess and Astronaut

Volkswagen Commercials: Princess and Astronaut

Volkswagen have made two incredibly funny ads with a motto: Seize a Moment. The first video is titled “Princess”. The second – “Astronaut”.

VW has been known for collaborating with creative people. Its commercials never lack humor, taste and simplicity. This time VW suggests not to waste a time and seize the moment. After the princess has a disturbing accident, which uncovers her breast, the other lady takes the opportunity to stand beside the prince and wave for the crowd.

The second ad features an astronaut who desperately needs to go to the bathroom just before the spaceship’s launch. The cleaner seizes the moment and goes to space instead of him.

See the hilarious videos below and tell us how would you seize your moment?


Advertising Agency: .V., France
Art Director: David Derouet
Copywriter: Emmanuel de Dieuleveult
Director : Bart Timmer
Production : Henry De Czar

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