Volkswagen Commercial: The Original Click

Volkswagen Commercial: The Original Click

Volkswagen and Sao Paulo’s advertising agency ALMAP BBDO have launched a brand new commercial.

The video presents VW’s initiative to promote its product as made with 100% original parts. To do this, the creatives have come with a unique idea: they placed banners on the YouTube’s music videos that copied the original hits. When users clicked on that banner, they were taken to the original song’s video.

It is said that for each US$100 spent, VW had almost 125,000 views and approximately 500 clicks.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about the initiative.


Agency: ALMAP BBDO Sao Paulo
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Title: VW — Peças Originais
General Creative Director: Marcello Serpa, Luiz Sanches
Co-Creative Director Online: Luciana Haguiara e Sandro Rosa
Art Director: Sandro Rosa, Raul Arantes, Victor Britto
Copywriter: Andre Almeida; Luciana Haguiara
Technology Director: Fernando Boniotti
Project Manager: Ana Carolina Cintra
Media: Mauricio Val Cruz, Larissa Sanches
Planning: Chris Bock, Sabrina Lima Peralta e Karina Kanashiro
Approval: Herlander Zola, Carla Costa

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