Volkswagen Commercial: Chef

Volkswagen Commercial: Chef

Volkswagen and advertising agency DDB from Argentina have released this shocking video ad.

The commercial raises our awareness about safe driving. Many accidents on the road happen while drivers are speaking on the phone. This spot takes place at the restaurant kitchen. The chef speaks on the phone, while he is chopping a pumpkin. It is painful to watch his irresponsible behavior. The first video is with English subtitles.

Watch the ad and share your impressions with us.


Creative Directors: Lisandro Grandal, Fernando Tchechenistky
Editor: Francisco Gigy Traynor
Art Director: Agustín Ballerio
Production Director: Agustina Iparaguirre
Visual Production Director: Claudio Migliardo
Producer: Minimal Cine
Director: Ivan Vaccaro
Executive Producer: Rai Bassano
Production Director: Guido Goldberg
Photographer: Nicolas Trovato
Post Production: Sin Fin – Lahaye

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