Vitus Apotek Commercial: The Ritual

Vitus Apotek Commercial: The Ritual

Vitus Apotek and advertising agency POL from Norway has released this brilliant spot!

This is our pick of the week and we just love this piece of work. It features a metal headbanger, who comes back home, takes off his metal “gear” and goes to the bathroom to clean his face from the menacing mask he was wearing all day. The skincare rituals he is promoting are priceless. Also – the music is amazing.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: POL, Norway
Copywriter: Maja Folgero
Art Director: Snorre Martinsen
Account Director: Kjetil Botten-Skogly
Account Manager: Elle-Beth Lonnestad
Production Company: B-Reel Films
Producer: Kith Kättström
Director: Jens Sjögren
Assistant Director: Sacarias Kiusalaas
DoP: Christian Haag
Composer: Max Kiusalaas

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