Vitis Commercial: Keyboard

Vitis Commercial: Keyboard

Vitis and advertising agency TBWA from Peru have released this funny video spot.

We didn’t quite know what was going on and what the spot was advertising until the very end. However, we found it to be hilarious, as it features a guy, who makes a mess of his keyboard and then tries to pick up the crumbles beneath the keys with various sharp objects. Apparently the spot promotes teeth hygiene.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: TBWA Peru, Lima, Peru
CEO: Pilar Dufour
Creative Director: ​Jorge Santibañez
Account Director: Sara Cervantes
Copywriter: Luis Delgado Garrido
Art Director: Giancarlo Cárdenas
Production Company: Tunche Films
Director: César Zelada
Producers: Mayra Espinoza, Techi Mori

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