Visit Holland Video: The Original Cool

Visit Holland Video: The Original Cool

Visit Holland and advertising agency Mustache Agency from New York have made this lighhearted film recently.

The spot is probably the most amusing travel video! It features a guy, who introduces Holland as a hip country, which is open minded, its people are friendly and they all speak English. Well, maybe except an older and angrier guy, who wouldn’t speak any other but his tongue language. The video was viewed almost 1 million times on YouTube in a couple of days.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh!


Agency: Mustache Agency, New York
Creative: Gavin Bellour
Executive producer: John Limotte
Account director: Todd Griffin
Digital project manager: Jeff Cambron
Associate producer: Jennifer Kachler
Director: Gavin Bellour
Director of photography: Felipe Soares
Editor: Will Bystrov

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