Virgin Radio Commercial: Louder is Better

Virgin Radio Commercial: Louder is Better

Virgin Radio and Buzzman advertising agency from France launched this hilarious yet naughty commercial.

The video features teenage boys ready to go out with their car and have some fun. They pick up one of their friend. His mother would follow and start yelling at him, telling to come back home. But instead guys just make the Virgin radio play louder. Suddenly, the mother seems to be screaming according to the song’s lyrics.

Watch this video and have fun.


Agency: Buzzman, France
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
General Manager: Thomas Granger
Account Manager: Antoine Ferrari
Art Direction / Copywriting: We Are From L.A
TV Producer / Art Buying: Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Jonquille, Elodie Poupeau
Digital producers: Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges
Film production: Iconoclast
Film direction: We Are From L.A
Web production: Lumini

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