Virgin Holidays Commercial: Rockstar Service

Virgin Holidays Commercial: Rockstar Service

Virgin has launched a new commercial to promote their Virgin Holidays services. With this commercial Virgin is trying to show that if you get one of their all inclusive holiday packages you will be treated like a rock star. The commercial itself is a documentary, or how they call it, a rockumentary of band’s The Danke Schöns fancy vacation.

Agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Client: Virgin
Copywriter: Matt Lever
Art Director: Helen Board
Copywriter: Seth Jones
Art Director: Seth Jones
Client: Andrew Shelton
Media Agency: MGOMD
Production Company: Traktor
Director: Ole Saunders
Editor: Rick Russell
Audio Post Production: Wave
Photographer: David Drebin

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  1. Joanna at 9:37 PM

    Danke Schoens! “I can’t fax you I’m on an Elephant”!…. Where was that shot?

  2. Pix Pow at 1:40 AM

    Virgin are so inspiring. I think all of their comercials have funny moments.

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