Vigorplant Commercial: Life of a Plant

Vigorplant Commercial: Life of a Plant

The video is part of a larger Campaign, called the “Fronte di Liberazione delle Piante”. It is the Italian brand of potting soil products.

In the commercial – only the nudist and several plants. It reflects a day in the life of this man, as he wakes up, stretches, exercises, does his chores and and daily routines. But our attention is distracted from looking to his nakedness to looking at plants. The life of a plant is harder than it seems.

The commercial is bold but also natural and green – just as the brand’s attributes.

Watch the video, share your ideas about it.


 SpA, Italy
Creative Directors: Vincenzo Celli, Peppe Cirillo
Soundtrack: “Open My Eyes” by THEMUSICBANK
Copy: Stefano Castagnone, Federica Saraniti Lana
Art: Laura Sironi
Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Actor: Fernando “Tuco” Richat
Production Co.: Mercurio Cinematografica

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