VH1 Commercial: Redneck

VH1 Commercial: Redneck

VH1 and advertising agency La Comunidad have released this funny video spot from the recent campaign.

The video features a redneck. However, he doesn’t consider himself to be one. But once he lifts his bottom from the sofa, he notices things for the first time. Like the fact that he lacks teeth like a redneck. Or that he’s married to a cousin. Or the fact that he has 16 kids, all having certain names. Fortunately, he has his VH1. Also check out the previous video “CPR”.

Watch the commercial and have a good laugh.


Agency: La Comunidad, USA
Chief Creative Director: Joaquín Molla
Executive Creative Directors: Ramiro Raposo, Fernando Sosa
Art Director: Dante Zamboni
Copywriters: Nicolas Larroquet, Adrian Rey
Group account director: Sebastian Diaz
Head of audiovisual production: Matias Castro
Production company: Landia
Director: Lucas Shannon
Executive Producers: Juan Taylor, Andy Fogwill
Producer: Claudia Antonucci
Art Director: Christian Corio
DP: Nicholas Wiesnet
Wardrobe: Inanna Bantu
Makeup: Nicole Hawkyard

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