Verizon Commercial: FiOS Football Girl

Verizon Commercial: FiOS Football Girl

Verizon and advertising agency McCann from New York have released this exciting video spot.

The commercial features Ella – a little girl – who challenges Terry Bradshaw himself. Who is going to cover the Super Bowl? Ella uses Verizon FiOS – a super speed internet. Terry’s slow internet couldn’t compete with that. Ella turned her home in a full working news agency thanks to Verizon. See if she made it to the Super Bowl as well.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: McCann New York

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  1. Ann clarkin at 5:53 AM

    I think that the commercials for verizon fios with the little girl and Terry bradshaw for the Super Bowl should be taken off the air….false advertising… is not being played in New York… is being played in MetLife stadium. In. NEW JERSEY……at the Meadowlands…In ……NEW JERSEY….in East Rutherford….in…NEW JERSEY……three isn’t any football stadium in New York…so why are you advertising it as such…….

  2. Lorraine at 6:27 AM

    Funny commercial…..only the Super Bowl is in New Jersey not New York

  3. Bill at 5:02 AM

    Yeah, why does the producer tell Ella “You’re going to New York!” The Superbowl is in New Jersey. Shouldn’t she be there?
    What, “You’re going to New Jersey” didn’t sound right?

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