Van Gils Parfums Video: Our Fragrance

Van Gils Parfums Video: Our Fragrance

Van Gils Parfums and advertising agency IFB McCANN have released this sexy video ad recently.

The video tells a mysterious story of a man, who goes against the social norms and gets back to his roots. A hard working man, devoted to a physical labor. He plows the cement streets with harnessed bull. He does not care of a social status, when he has his life to live the way he wants to.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: IFB McCANN, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Michel de Goede
Director: Werner Damen
Art Directors: Charlotte Vermeer, Albert Vegers
Copywriter: Joost Hammann
Strategy: Frans Brand, Micky Geesink, Carlijn Middelweerd
Acounts: Eva Taytelbaum, Laura Schilder
Producers: Paul Harting, Fanneke Budding
D.O.P: Wouter Westendorp
Post production: Hectic Electric
Music: Eelke Kleijn / Epiqurus Agency
Sound: Kees Kroot Soundcircus

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