Valmano Commercial: The Dentist

Valmano Commercial: The Dentist

Valmano and advertising agency Scholz & Friends from Berlin have released this hilarious video spot lately.

The German lux shopping site have made this surreal video commercial, which claims that Valmano will ease your pain. Whatever kind of ache you have, just purchase a fancy watch or necklace, and it will release it right away. The voice in the ad says that life is not always fair, therefore you need signor Valmano. He walks into the dentist room with his senior assistant and leaves everybody around speechless.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client: Valmano
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Production Company: Czar
Creative Director: Robert Krause
Director of Photography: Daniel Gottschalk
Executive Producer: Thorne Mutert
Line Producer: Julia Weber
Editor: Ben Campbell
Grading: Daniel De Vue
Postproduction Supervisor: Dennis Vocke
Production Design: Gesche Hein
Make Up: C.I.S.E.L.
Styling: Martin Manser
Music: Walter Jackson

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