US Air Force Ad Campaign: It’s Not Science Fiction. It’s What we do Every Day

US Air Force Ad Campaign: It’s Not Science Fiction. It’s What we do Every Day

US Air Force commercials from advertising campaign “It’s Not Science Fiction. It’s What we do Every Day”. The campaign idea is that the things the Air Force does everyday are so advanced that you would think it must be science fiction. The campaign encompasses three TV spots (UAS, Space and CSAR). Each spot opens with a scene that looks like a science fiction movie but when the effect peels away you realize the Air Force really can do these things. A voiceover says, It’s not science fiction. It’s what we do every day.

Created by GSD&M Idea City advertising agency and shot by director Phil Joanou, each spot begins in a futuristic, sci-fi world created mostly in CG by visual affects boutique, Mass Market.

The USAF has gotten some criticism for this ad campaign, because these spots give potential recruits science fiction instead of the bloody reality of war, but that can’t take anything away from the brilliant marketing and understanding of their audience at work in these spots.

Watch spots from this campaign below.

United States Air Force: CSAR

This ad shows how the U.S. Air Force uses advanced technology to save lives. In it, we see two paratroopers jump out of a futuristic helicopter at night into a dark forest. At first they don’t see what they’re looking for. But then they switch to thermal vision and find the downed pilot that they are there to rescue. While this ad looks very futuristic, in the end we learn that that these missions are not science fiction, they’re what the men and women of the Air Force do every day.

United States Air Force: UAS

United States Air Force: Space


Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Group Creative Directors: Tom Gilmore, Rich Tlapek
Art Director: Christopher Colton
Writer: Travis Waid
Executive Producer: Monique Veillette
Producer: Aaron Kovan
Account Service: Lee Pilz, Norah Rudyk
Marketplace Planning: John D’Acierno, Madhavi Reese
Live Action Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Live Action Producer: Paul Manix
Director: Phil Joanou
VFX Company: MassMarket, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Blythe Dalton
Designer: Richard Lee
Storyboard Artist: Keith Thompson
Matte Painter: Tim Matney
Lead Flame: Thibault Debaveye
Flame: John Shirley
Flame Assistant: Marcelo Pasqualino
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Previz: Joe Jones, Tony Vela
Modelers: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Rigger: John Riggs
Animators: Joon Lee, Colin Cromwell, Yvain Gnabro
Texture: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Lighters: Kyle Cassidy, Katie Yoon, Jin Chong
Lead Roto: Jeff Kim
Roto: Austin Brown, Melissa Muerta
Trackers: Joanna Goslicka, Colin Cromwell
GFX : Chad Howitt, Joseph Chan
Particles: Keil Gnebba
3D Lead: Mike Dalzell, Andrew Romatz
Environment: Stefano Dubay
Editorial Company: Beast Editorial
Editor : Paul Norling
Music: Singing Serpent

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  1. Goat 2 at 9:47 AM

    It’s not science fiction, it’s just fiction. I’ve never heard of an Air Force UAV crew ever preemptively finding an enemy sniper and then telling a group of Airmen on the ground where to take them out. Worse, those guys are violating a rule they teach every trigger puller regardless of service when moving in the open, DISPERSE, lest everyone get taken out in the same go.

    Perhaps these were the same folks that sold shock and awe. In a battle of wills and wits, people will need to go in person and make their case, by words if possible, by force if necessary. At the end of the day, no one is doing that from above a hard-deck of 15000 feet.

  2. adrian at 2:53 AM

    why exactly do these ads exist ?even if the us would be doing very good financially (wich they don’t seem to ) why would you buy ad space on youtube?
    i got nothing against the video, motivational propaganda recruitment whatever you want to call it but making it an add,am i crazy for finding it strange?

  3. Frau at 3:44 AM

    These ads are typical American: Our citizens are dumb, we’ll throw these ads on television, profit. It’d be kool if American propaganda had a shred of truth within it.

  4. Rebecca at 6:14 PM

    Well, it is said that these commercials are playing on the idea that the Air Force has such advanced technology. Yet, I don’t see the AD’s as that. All I see in it is those people who watch Science Fiction and want to be a part of those kids of jobs have the opportunity to do things that resemble such. People don’t want to step up for their country and help their own people. So I can see why the US Air Force would have to put out AD’s like this to get some form recruitment.

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