University Of Alabama Ad Campaign: Touching Lives

University Of Alabama Ad Campaign: Touching Lives

The University of Alabama launched an advertising campaign with a slogan “Touching Lives”. The campaign is based on the idea that every individual can change the world. TV commercials called “Force”, “Change” and “Global” have the same concept – an individual studying at the University of Alabama will be given a chance to join a powerful community and with its help to impact the world.

The campaign is mainly aimed at young people who are still choosing a way in their lives so no wonder that the promises the University of Alabama is giving are considerably big and maybe unrealistic. Other important aspects when choosing a University are the studying conditions, technical support and the campus. All of which are shown in these commercials to create an image that studying at the University of Alabama will not only give a chance to change the world in the future but the studying process will be enjoyable as well.

Advertising Agency: Intermark Group, Birmingham, USA
Creative Director: Keith Otter
Art Director: Rob Hardison
Copywriter: Brent Davis
Producer: Chris Mann
Director: Allan Vajda
Production Company: Vazda Studios

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  1. Hadji Kumar at 6:54 PM

    The speakers voice is horrible. He sounds like a machine. And the rest of it looks like a really low budget car commercial.

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