Under Armour Commercial: Cam’s Night Out

Under Armour Commercial: Cam’s Night Out

Under Armour sports wear has launched this amazing advertisement promoting its product.

The video features Carolina Panthers’ star Cam Newton. Late at night he comes to a stadium to train. He brings his very own DJ Araab. The duo performs amazing show. Along to Araab’a mixed sounds Cam is performing some crazy stunts: he dribbles a football as if it was a basketball, he shows his skills and entertains us with all his heart.

The video is really cool and beautifully shot. Thanks to the director Rip Lambert.

Watch the ad and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Under Armour
Production Company: Producers
Director: Rip Lambert
Editor: David Hudson
Color Grading: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Lenny Mastrandrea

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