UHAC Commercial: Test

UHAC Commercial: Test

Union Hearing Aid Centre and Toronto’s DraftFCB has launched a control advertisement.

The video tests your hearing. It plays a beautiful classical music along with a high frequency sound. It is a hearing test: your hearing is fine if you can depict that annoying little sound. If not – you should definitely see a doctor.

UHAC production is known for its inventive technology, that supports hearing. It also released the same test on the radio.

Watch this video and test your hearing.


Agency: DraftFCB Toronto
Client: UHAC
Creative Director: Robin Heisey
Creative Director: Joe Piccolo
Creative Director: Jeff Hilts
Writer: Robin Heisey
AD: Joe Piccolo
AD: Jeff Hilts
Producer: Anna Neilson
Producer: Judy Hamilton
Production House: RMW
Film Production: Industry Films
Director: Eric Yealland
Director: Joan Bell
Date: May 02, 2012
Category: Typography, Web Film

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