Type Books Commercial: The Joy of Books

Type Books Commercial: The Joy of Books

Type Books and Toronto’s advertising agency Lowe Roche have made this amazing beautiful commercial entitled “The Joy of Books”.

The video is an incredible slow motion movie. It takes place at the book store, after the working hours, when it is already closed. Just like from a fairy tales, when the toys wake up to life, this time the books become alive creatures. Beautifully made video inspires to take a book for once in a while. There is nothing quite like a real book.

Watch the video and tell us whether you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, ON, Canada
Creative Director / Photographer / Director / Editor: Sean Ohlenkamp
Music: Tom Westin, Grayson Matthews Music + Sound
Animators / Crew: Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp, Mike Takasaki, Hannah Charlick, Liz Walker, Andrew Carty, Filipe Da Luz, Ruth Ann Cachero, Justin Turco, Adam Tuck, Michael Groppo, Curtis Denomme, Shannon Farrell, Steffi Raike, Jean Marc Douville, Mikhail Ferrara, Clayton Vrenjak, Rob Sturch, Marie Rupolo, Nery Orellana, Mike Greco, William Chong, Terri Vegso, Michael Leishman, Emma Leishman, Mike Kolberg, Ryan Speziale, Natalie Mathers

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