Turkish Airlines Commercial: Legends on Board

Turkish Airlines Commercial: Legends on Board

Turkish Airlines and advertising agency Alametifarika have released this cute video commercial the other day.

The video spot features two sport superstars – soccer player Lionel Messi and basketball player Kobe Bryant. A little boy seeks an autograph, while these two giants compete for his attention. However, in the end boy drops them for a nice stewardess.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Alametifarika
Client: Turkish Airlines
Creative Team: Emrah Karpuzcu
Creative Team: Kenan Unsal
Creative Team: Can Bilginer
Creative Team: Huseyin Sandik
Creative Team: Odisseas Sevsevme
Creative Team: Emre Abay
Creative Team: Nilufer Acar
Creative Team: Sertug Alptekin
Creative Team: Cagri Ark
Director: Marco Grandia
Production: Electric Zoo
Production: Filmcolony
Production: only925
Post Production: Ambassadors
Post Production: Filimisleri

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