Tulipan Commercial: Ungrateful

Tulipan Commercial: Ungrateful

Tulipan Condoms and creative agency Young&Rubicam from Buenos Aires have launched this funny commercial entitled “Ungrateful”.

The video takes place at the nursing home where a son takes his father. The old man is unhappy because he sees the terrible reality around which son denies and insists that it will be just perfect for his father. We hope for some campaign raising our awareness about the issue. But actually it turns out funny: the video promotes condoms. And suggests you not to have kids.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Tulipan Condoms
Agency: Young&Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  1. Thomas at 10:59 PM

    No need to think twice to have a kids. Just think twice how you want to grow your kids.

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