Tropicana Commercial: Arctic Sun

Tropicana Commercial: Arctic Sun

If you show sun in your commercial for those who are used to seeing it everyday, they probably will not be interested at all. But if your brand is related with sun and your commercial is all about sun and light, it must reach those who don’t see sun that often. Tropicana has followed this principle and launched a TV commercial in Canada. It shows how people in Canadian Arctic where they haven’t seen the sun for a whole month creates a giant ball, lights it and rises it above the town so people could feel as if it was a sunny day.

Agency: BBDO Canada, Toronto
Creative director: Ian MacKellar
Copywriter: Adam Bailey
Art director: John Terry
Agency Producer: Dena Thompson
Planner: Dino Demopoulos
Account Management: Tim Welsh, Sheng Sinn, Adam Jardine
Production House: Film Group, Vancouver / Radke Film Group, Toronto
Director: Samir Mallal
Executive Producer: Michael Haldane
Line Producer: Michael Haldane
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Editorial: City: Bijou Editorial, Toronto
Editor: Ross Birchall
Music and Sound Design: Apollo Studio
Studio: Cherry Beach Studio
Engineer: Inaam Haq
Music: Licensed track “The Great Escape” by Patrick Watson
Sound Design: Ross Birchall, through Bijou Editorial and Didier Tovel, through Apollo Studios

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  1. keith driscoll at 2:14 PM

    who sings the song “the great escape”, the song for the artic sun commercial. How can I get the song?

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