Trident Video: Traffic Police

Trident Video: Traffic Police

Trident and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from Bogota have released this hilarious video ad recently.

The spot features a lady, who is stopped by a traffic officer. He asks for her license and she starts looking for it with no results. Instead of excusing desperately, she smiles from ear to ear and buys the police officer with her white pearls. Watch the spot to find out how that worked out and see a hilarious twist in the end.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Bogota, Colombia
General Creative Director: Juan Pablo Navas
Creative Directors: Juan Carlos González, Margarita Olivar
Copywriter: Juan Carlos González
Art Director: Margarita Olivar
Account managers: María Cecilia Arciniegas, Luis Miguel Ortíz
Director: Alejandro Carreño
Production company: Los Notarios
Producer: Nathalie Burnside
Production manager: Juan Pablo Bernal
Post-production: Dr. Pepe
Sound production: Laika Studio

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