Tree Top Commercial: Apple Juice

Tree Top Commercial: Apple Juice

Tree Top Apple Juice from 100% USA apples in Selah, Washington brought you a commercial of children’s joy.

A new Tree Top ad shows children having their moments discovering the world. All is full of wonder. The first taste remains for the rest of the life – rich and delightful. Just like pure Tree Top Juice.

Tree Top juice is made in Washington State using 100% USA grown apples. The fruit growers themselves are owners of Tree Top. They take care of their product, they want to make only the best juice.

The commercial will be running in San Diego, Denver, Portland and eastern Washington starting April 9 later spreading into larger media.

Check this nice video and tell us what you think.


Client: Tree Top Inc.
Product: Tree Top Apple Juice
Agency: Cole & Weber United
Executive Creative Director: John Maxham
Associate Creative Director: Todd Derksen
Senior Copywriter: Jesse Dillow
Executive Producer: Pete Anderson
Director Business Strategy: Nick Hunt
Project Manager: Dee Dee Jones
Production Company: Everynone/Epoch Films
Directors: Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante & Julius Metoyer
Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis and Vieve Haag
Editor: Kelly Vander Linda

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