Traffic Police Simulates A Fake Traffic Accident In Romania

Traffic Police Simulates A Fake Traffic Accident In Romania

A simply fantastic Romanian initiative launched by Traffic Police to discourage people from using their mobile phones while driving.

Some recent studies have revealed shocking statistics that talking on the phone while driving may be up to 30% more dangerous than alcohol consumption as it decreases your reflexes by 50% than if you were driving in normal conditions. To pass this message to people a very unique project “The Fake Accident” was launched.

For two days on the wall opposite the parking lot of the largest shopping mall in Bucharest, a projector was showing an interactive movie. On the movie a pretty girl was driving her car and a message with her cell phone number was being displayed. However, whenever a person called that number, the girl on the screen got into a serious traffic accident and her car crashed.

Simply brilliant and very powerful idea.

Released: November, 2010
Client: Traffic Police
Advertising agency: Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania
Country: Romania

Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
Creative Group Director: Adi Pasarica
Art Director: Andrei Nedea
Copywriter: Adi Pasarica
Production: Animotion / Lite Microsystems

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