Toys’R’Us Video: Monster 500

Toys’R’Us Video: Monster 500

Toys’R’Us and advertising agency Rotter Creative Group from New York have released this incredible video spot recently.

The fun cartoon good very well be a trailer of an exciting movie. However, the brand promotes its toys – the Monsters edition. The scary creatures compete in the most frightening race track, which is filled with spooky barriers. From zombies trying to stop a car, to the mean trees in a wood – see the adventurers ride.

Watch the spot and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Rotter Creative Group, New York, USA
Chairman / CEO: Steve Rotter
President: Steve Stetzer
Senior Creative Director: Julius Weil
Animation / Visual Effects: Clockwork VFX
Creative Director: Jason Tomlins
Executive Producer: Nina Davenport
VFX Director: Marc Greyvenstein
Lead Compositor: Rob Abrie
Lead Character animator: George Villaflor

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