Toyota Corolla Commercial: Buddy

Toyota Corolla Commercial: Buddy

Toyota Corolla Buddy

The new Toyota Corolla TV commercial in South Africa, introduces their latest ‘spokesdog’ – Buddy. Buddy is a charismatic brindle Boxer and he is a new star to warm consumers’ hearts.

Buddy makes his television debut for the car manufacturer in a new TV ad for the Toyota Corolla, which launched on 25 September 2009. In the commercial a dog brags about how refined he’s become since his owner bought the new stylish Corolla, then falls back to old habits at the end

The message is clear: Toyota Corolla may have stylish, clean lines and refined touches but under the skin it is the same solid, reliable and dependable vehicle brought to you by a grounded, unpretentious but fun-loving South African company.

The ad was developed by Draftfcb Johannesburg’s creative team of group executive creative director Brett Morris and Ivor Forrester. Production Company – Bouffant Productions, Producer – Boris Vossgatter

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  1. Jin at 8:33 AM

    Toyota Corolla is one of my favorite cars. it is simply reliable and last for a very long time.

  2. Annelize at 3:33 PM

    Hi, where can I look for the new DSTV advert about the firefly that falls in love with the moon? (Believe in magic) It is absolutely adoring! Regards

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