Toyota Commercial: Werewol

Toyota Commercial: Werewol

Toyota Yaris and advertising agency Ogilvy from Panama City have released this awesome video spot recently.

The commercial features a couple, who is terrified and trying to escape something horrific in the woods at night. Apparently they are being chased by a werewolf. However, when they finally find their car, the lady becomes fascinated by Yaris’ design and procrastinates admiring instead of hitting the road. But the real surprise comes from the Werewolf. See the video to find out how the story ends.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Ogilvy, Panama City, Panama
Creative Director: Edwin Mon
Art Director: Roberto Perez
Copywriter: Humberto Alvarado
Illustrator: Edmar Quiroz
Additional credits: Music La Pirada
Production company: VFX

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