Toyota Commercial: Super Splash

Toyota Commercial: Super Splash

The new Toyota Hilux and P4 Ogilvy & Mather from Panama have launched a new commercial documenting the Super Splash initiative.

Super Splash is a campaign which presents the new Toyota car in a funny and shocking way. It splashes the liquid on the reporters of the various shows. While they are talking to a camera, the animated Toyota drives by and soaks them inside out.

The campaign is supposed to break the casual format of advertising and surprise its audience.

See the video below and tell us your reaction.


Advertising Agency: P4 Ogilvy & Mather, Panama
General Creative Director: Pinky Mon
Creative Director: Jonathan Lasso Rocha
Copywriters: Humberto Alvarado, Dennis de Icaza
Art Directors: Roberto Perez, Juan Frochaux, Edmar Quiros
Account Manager: Liseth Fong
Executive Producers: Emerson Bonilla, Raynier Villalobos
Producer: Lucas Poveda
Production House: VFX

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