Topfit Commercial: Blessed

Topfit Commercial: Blessed

Topfit Fitness Club and advertising agency Martpet Comunicação from Brazil have released this hilarious video spot recently.

The commercial promotes a fitness club, where men and women shed sweat chiseling their bodies. Looking good never cease to be boring or unattractive and people are prepared to sacrifice a lot. Unlike this prude, who spends hours praying, tackling her most inappropriate urges. But then some dude from that fitness club enters the church and disrupts her passionate prayer.

Watch what happens and have a good laugh.


Agency: Martpet Comunicação, Recife, Brazil
Creative Directors: Diego Curvêlo, Edison Martins
Copywriter: Diego Curvêlo
Account Supervisor: Themis Uehbe
Account Executives: João Lima, Filipe Almeida
Production Company: Opara Filmes
Directors: Eugênio Seppi, Diego Curvêlo
Director of Photography: Beto Martins
Editor: Diego Curvêlo / Final Cut
Color Grade: Marcio Pasqualino / Psycho N’ Look
Audio / Sound Design: Onomatopeia
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Gustavo Melo, Danilo Sampaio

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