Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

If you were on vacation last week, you should catch up with our Funny Commercials World and check out these hilarious videos!

Renault have made a very cute and weird, and funny ad simultaneously. Thirteen decided it was enough of trivial TV shows and released an amusing manifesto. Pepsi invited actor Josh Duhamel to work at the supermarket for a day – check out how that turned out! Athenos has updated its famous Yiaya campaign. Finally, ESPN reveals that Rickie Fowler is color blind in this hysterical commercial.

Have a good laugh!

5. Renault, Afford to Live Again

4. Thirteen, Meet the Tanners

3. Pepsi, Checking Out with Josh Duhamel

2. Athenos, God Talk to Me!

1. ESPN, Rickie Fowler Color Blind!

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