Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

DB Export 33 has made the whole music video for “her”: to tell that her man will drink for her. Evian has released the hit video, which was viewed almost 41 million times on YouTube! Land Rover has launched a hilarious spot, which depicts how the vehicle protects a liar from his girlfriend. Deep RiverRock has released a funny campaign recently, which encourages not to dehydrate and therefore not to become ridiculous. Finally, Kimpton Hotel has launched a hilarious video, which introduces you to Mat – the yoga mat.

5. DB Export 33, He’s Drinking It For You

4. Evian, Baby & Me

3. Land Rover, Liar

2. Deep RiverRock, Cafe

1. Kimpton Hotel, Meet Mat (A Yoga Love Story)

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